Finishing Touches

Lately, I've been pushing the launch date further and further back for one reason or another. But today I'm happy to say that the final finishing touch is done. All I'm waiting for are my bottle labels to come in, which would most likely be within the next 7 to 10 days. I'm hoping to set the launch date for December 1st, which will barely allow me to have things open in time for the holiday rush. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee delivery by Christmas for international orders. Domestic orders will have a cut off date of December 15th in order to make it by Christmas.

Also, I'm starting to work on Cluster 2, which I'm planning to have done for release on January 1st. Right now I'm not certain on how many shades will appear in the second cluster although I'm aiming to have around 7 to 10 colors. So far I have four new shades that will definitely be premiering in the second Cluster and about three shades that I still need to tweak and work with.

So that's all I have in terms of announcements. I'll make an official launch announcement when I get my labels in.