So, I just got Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. If you don't see or hear anything from me for the next few days, that would be the reason.

I'm kidding. 

I'm not going to forgo customer service in the name of Pokemon (though, it IS Pokemon...). I'll still be here and still reachable. I just wanted to make a joke. ANYWAYS. Cluster 2 will be available for purchase and sampling from my Etsy store on Monday, December 15th. I've edited the photographs since my preview post, so the shades might look a little different. I don't know...somehow when I was taking pictures of the shades in Cluster two, none of them came out as pretty as the photos for Cluster 1 did. I'm trying to make them accurate, but there's just a certain sparkle that I can't seem to photograph just right. All in all, I think the photographs aren't nearly as pretty as the colors are in person.