Cluster 2 & Products WIP

I am planning to release Cluster 2 sooner than I had initially intended. Originally they would be available at the New Year, but now I'm aiming to have them available mid-December. There will roughly be seven new colors in Cluster 2. I want to get them out sooner so that I can start the development process for the Spring 2015 Collection, "A Galaxy Far, Far Away," 

Also in development will be a few skincare products to compliment my eyeshadows. A primer and makeup remover will be released. Both of these products are going to be skincare meets makeup needs using gentle and helpful ingredients that do double duty. In the future, there also may be a line of facial tonics added to the brand.

Anyways, that's my update for now. I'll be adding previews of Cluster 2 after I finish up the final touches with the new shades.