December Favorites

So, ever now and then I'll post some more personal musings, not necessarily things regarding my business. It lets you get to know me and know that I'm not a faceless entity (I'm not a ghost!). Today I'm sharing some of my favorite things for the month of December.

1. Candles

I've never really been into candles, but lately it seems like they've taken over. I have two cats, who are rather curious, so I typically burn the candles in a closed space where they can't come in and poke around. I'm really picky about scents too, but there are certain fragrances that I just love! Right now I'm all about grape scented candles, the more artificial smelling, the better. I recently purchased a Concord Grape candle from Jewel Scent, which also puts a ring in each candle. Not a lot of companies make grape candles, so I bought this mainly for the scent. But the fact that it has a prize inside makes me giddly like a child. When I get the ring out, I'll post a picture of it. 

2. West Elm & Home Decor

A friend took me to West Elm for the first time the other day and got me completely hooked. I've really been into home decor lately and this place has some really pretty pieces. It fits my taste in home decor the same way Anthropologie does. They don't have the style of furniture that I like, though. I prefer more rococo, French Provincial, antique type of furniture. West Elm and Anthropologie are a bit expensive, but they do have good sales every now and then.

3. Rita's Spiritual Sprays

I've been on a shopping spree over at Rita's Spiritual Goods, especially her spiritual sprays. These mist sprays come in all sorts of magical brews from getting good juju to motivating your butt into action. They are blended with intent in mind, not necessarily by scent. But there are some that smell lovely. I'm particularly fond of Charmed, which smells similar to Aquolina's Pink Sugar and boasts to make you charming to others and bring you good fortune.