I Love Subscription Boxes!

It's no secret that I have a fondness for subscription boxes. Right now, I just subscribe to a few boxes after cutting back on some.  Right now as far as beauty boxes go, I only subscribe to Birchbox and Sample Society. I've been with Birchbox for years, back when it was pretty much the only  subscription box. Their point system is pretty great; I've been able to get some really good products using my points. I like the brands they usually include too.

I also subscribe to Allure's Sample Society. I've been with them for a while too, though I unsubscribed and resubscribed several times. Initially when the box became too skincare/haircare heavy I decided to leave. But now with their revamped boxes, I like that there's usually a variety of product types included.

Loot Crate is one of the non-beauty boxes I subscribe to. With them I've also been on an off, depending on how much stuff I accumulated. The boxes are usually really well curated and have a high value. I like how there's exclusive items every now and then. However, unlike beauty products, sometimes I just don't have uses for things I've received from LC. Though I usually re-gift or ebay. I might end up doing a big giveaway for all of the extra stuff I have too.

Most recently, I subscribed to Oui Please. I'm a huge Francophile and I dream to move to France one day. I initially didn't subscribe to this box because of how much it costs ($150 every two months). But after seeing the quality of the items subscribers have received, I figured that I'll give it at least one try.