A Day In The Life Of Dom

10:00am - 11:00am - This is typically when I wake up on a day in which I do not go to work (I also have a part time job). I usually wake up just a bit earlier, but I play around with my phone before actually getting out of bed.

11:00am - If I have orders to fulfill for the day, I usually get them ready first thing in the morning. During this time, I also catch up with my YouTube subscriptions (mainly Good Mythical Morning).

12:30pm - I usually head out around noon to drop off packages at the post office. I typically go to the post office only once a day. If an order is placed while I'm out or after I've returned, the order will ship out the next day. Likewise, if an order is placed before I head out, I will get it ready to go out that day.

01:30pm - I'm back home and usually spend this time doing internet stuff or taking a nap with the cats.

04:00pm - If I have any photographs to take for the day, this is usually around the time that I get those done.

06:00pm - After dinner, I usually prepare batches if there is a need for it. I try to knock out several batches at once since the actual process of making my products is my least favorite thing to do. If there aren't any batches that need to be prepared that day, I will occasionally use this time for various development activities. This includes formulating new shades and testing out potential formulas. 

08:00pm - Finally, this is my wind down time. I either play video games, watch youtube videos, do more internet stuff, or everything all at once. I officially go to bed around 11:00pm or later, depending on how distracted I get.