Mid May General Update

After tweaking with my formula and some very last minute updates, my Lipsaber lip cremes should be available in the shop before I head out on vacation. I have some basic photographs to take. I won't have lip swatches for a while until I can get some help with more talented photographers/swatchers.

I have some sample packaging on the way for me to test out before deciding on packaging decisions for future products. These include some pressed compacts, new tube applicators, and possibly some makeup brushes. I've placed a few orders with some makeup brush manufacturers to test out the quality. The brushes will be synthetic. If they are up to standard, I'll probably be adding them to my shop sometime this summer. I'm estimating the pricing to set between $5 to $15. 

Anyways, that's all the news I have for now. Keep an eye out on my Etsy shop to catch the lipsabers once they have launched.