Health Update 3

I think this might be my final health update. No, I'm not dying, but I'm actually getting better! I think I'm back to about 80%. Initially, I thought my condition would be over within a few days but it turned out to be a little more complicated than I had imagined. I'm still not back to normal, but I've been able to eat better lately though I still have difficulty eating some foods. My nausea has always been awful, not just recently, but it has eased up a bit since this whole ordeal began.  I've also regained a lot of my energy, which allows me to be more productive in respect to developing new products.

As far as new products go, I've been testing out pressed eyeshadows. The texture still isn't quite right and some colors don't seem to press very well. At this current state, I have not decided whether pressed eyeshadows will be a future addition. If it is, pressed versions may only be available in some colors. Unfortunately, a pressed version would also be significantly higher in price due to the increased cost of supplies/materials and the additional production time/effort. I'm estimating a price set around $10 for a pressed version if this comes into fruitation. 

If you follow any Etsy related news, you may have heard that Amazon is planning to open up their own Handmade Marketplace that some sources call the "Etsy Killer." As of this post, Amazon's proposed marketplace hasn't been released though small details are floating around in the handmade community. I do plan on opening a shop on Amazon's platform. Lately, Etsy has strayed far away from their original handmade movement which makes it hard for me to want to stay. I feel like they've taken a turn for the worse and the voices of the sellers who express legitimate concerns are being ignored and put onto the back burner. But I recognize that many customers enjoy shopping on Etsy which has decent features for shoppers. I know people will say, "Why not have a shop on both platforms?" I do plan on doing that for a while, especially to compare the platforms against each other. But being a one woman operation, I can get overwhelmed easily having to keep track of two platforms. If Amazon's marketplace offers a superior service for sellers, I will be moving shop there. I've also been considering hosting my own integrated shop here on my website, however the fees to do so are not proportionate to the amount of net revenue I currently make. When the time comes where I can make consistent sales and revenue, I will be opening a self hosted shop here permanently which would be the most ideal situation.