Mid June General Update

Are you ready kids?!

Aye, aye, Captain!

It's update time! 

I'm still working on the Into The Deep Collection, which I hope to have up by the beginning of July. It's my first collection that will feature several product types together. I haven't finalized this idea yet, but I am considering offering a pocket sample pack for this collection. Instead of (or perhaps in addition to) having the eyeshadows available for purchase as a sample set, I may decide to offer sample sizes of all of the products in a pocket/travel tin. The Pocket Pack will contain the standard test tube eyeshadow samples, mini tubes of liquid lipstick, and a mini jar of highlighter. The cost of the Pocket Pack Sampler would be higher than the normal sampler price, though it would include samples of all of the new products. Like I said before, I've not made the final decision on this option. But what I think I will do is to initially offer only a few sets to see how well they do. If they lift off, I'll probably add them to the permanent selection of sample sets.

Speaking of travel tins, I'm also planning to offer travel tins for my full sized eyeshadows. The tins fit four full sized vials perfectly easy transport. I plan on having the tins be a free add-on when you purchase four or more full sized eyeshadows. They will also be available for individual purchase (for about $1.50 or so).

Lastly, I'm currently in development for a new product: Lipsaber Celestial Top Coats. Celestial Top Coats go on clear but have a color shifting effect. The idea is to be able to wear them alone or over lip color to create your own duochrome. I'm not sure if these will premier with the Into The Deep Collection or a short time after as its own release.

That's it for the Mid June updates, I'll be adding additional small updates whenever it fits. Stay tuned!