Aurora Borealis Formulation Update

So, I have some good and bad news. Good news is that my jar supplier has finally caught up with their manufacturing (after several months!) and I can now order my jars without issue. Bad news is that one of my pigment suppliers has decided to temporarily close without notice, contact information, or estimated reopening time. So I have no idea when they will re-open, if they even plan to. Unfortunately, they were the ones who supplied most of the raw pigments used in Aurora Borealis. Because I have no idea when I'll be able to order more from them, I have found substitutes for the original pigments that I can no longer obtain.

In short, I've reformulated Aurora Borealis using the new pigments. I've recreated it as close as possible, but there are very, very small differences. The gold tone is a tad bit stronger and the violet tone is a little less red. If you've never tried Aurora Borealis, there really wouldn't be much of an issue. But for those who have tried the original, the new version is very close.

Thank you again for your patience!