1. Are your products vegan?

-Yes. I do not use carmine or other animal derived ingredients in my products.

2. Do you make your own products?

-Yes. I do not repackage. All Dark Matter Stardust Shadows are made from scratch, meaning that I take uncut pigments and add shimmer/glitter as well as non-color ingredients to help aid in texture and adhesion. This allows me complete control over the color from everything to undertones to the amount of shimmer a shadow has. It is a time consuming process, but is worth the effort.

3. Do you free offer samples?

-Samples are available to purchase to try out colors before investing in a larger size. In order to keep costs down, I cannot provide samples free of charge. However, orders generally come with an additional free sample.

4. Do you do everything by yourself?

-Yes. As of the present time, I run Dark Matter solo. This means I create, design, photograph, promote, pack, ship, and converse as a one woman project. But what does this mean to you? It means you get the personal benefits of being able to work with the owner. If you have questions or suggestions, I am always open to chat.

5. Can you use the eyeshadows in other makeup?

-Generally, no. Most of the Stardust Shadows contain pigments that are not approved for use on the lips as guided by the FDA. However, they can be mixed in with clear nail polish and used that way.

6. Do you do wholesale?

-Wholesale is available through Etsy Wholesale. If interested, please contact me via CONTACT to receive wholesale purchase information.

7. Can I buy Dark Matter Makeup anywhere else?

-Currently, Dark Matter Makeup does not sell to retailers and can only be purchased directly from Dark Matter on Etsy.

8. Do you ship outside of the United States?

-Yes, Dark Matter will ship anywhere. However, due to the high cost of international shipping, I recommend that international clients make larger orders in order to cut down on shipping. Unfortunately, my shipping prices are a reflection of what USPS charges me, even with a commercial discount. International tracking is included in the shipping cost.

9. Where can I find a list of your ingredients?

-Dark Matter will always list our ingredients on the product pages. Currently, the ingredients are not printed on the vial label. Every order also comes with an ingredient and use card. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a message.

10. Do you test on animals?

-No, Dark Matter does not test on animals nor do I buy ingredients from manufacturers who test on animals.

11. Do you have a Facebook page or a Twitter account?

-No. Dark Matter does not have a Facebook or an active Twitter page. You can follow DMM on on Instagram @darkmattermakeup. The Instagram page was previously my personal account and will mostly be personal things, although I will share previews of new colors there when I have them.