Scorpio bears the honor of being the 8th sign in the western Zodiac from the constellation Scorpius, the scorpion. Generally speaking Scorpios are passionate and entertaining. Scorpios are often the center of attention as they easily charm and befriend those around them. They can make great friends as their loyalty is evident from the get go. However, Scorpios can become jealous and possessive to those in their lives. They do not forgive easily if wronged.

DMM's Scorpio is a chocolate brown base with a duochrome of green turquoise.

Please take note that the color pictured may vary in person due to individual monitor settings.

Swatches were done using Gravity as a primer

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All of Dark Matter’s Stardust Shadows contain ingredients that are FDA approved for use around the eyes. HOWEVER, because nearly all of the shadows contain pigments not approved for lip use, Dark Matter’s eyeshadows CANNOT be used on the lips. Other countries have different laws regarding the use of these pigments. However, since Dark Matter is based in the United States, our safety regulations must meet those of the FDA’s,

Please take a moment to review the list of ingredients below. Dark Matter is vegan friendly and does not use ingredients such as carmine, silk powder, pearl powder, or beeswax. This is what my shadows are formulated with:

Ingredients: Mica, Sericite Mica, Carnauba Wax, Magnesium Myristrate, Titanium Dioxide, Kaolin Clay, Lauroyl Lysine. May Contain: Ferric Ferrocyanide, Ultramarines, Chromium Oxide Greens, Silica, Tin Oxide, Iron Oxide, Aluminum Powder, Copper Powder, Iron Powder, Silicon Dioxide, FD&C Blue 1, FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Red 40, Synthetic Fluorophylogpite, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate

Dark Matter Makeup creates eyeshadows from scratch in small batches. This means that pure uncut pigment (such as ultramarines, tin oxides, iron oxides, metallic powders, FD&C dyes, etc) is blended with uncolored mica (to provide shimmer and effects) and base ingredients (to aid in texture and adhesion). This allows complete control of the color from the sheen to the undertones.